Gamers Edge Neon Green Tech Review

Publicado: 2 octubre, 2012 en Reviews, Tecnologia
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Since the begining of time, gamers have stared at screens for hours and hours trying to rescue a princess from an evil whatever… now we realize that the screen glare is dangerous for our eyes, slowly burning our vision away, that was the point when the enhanced gamer optics were born, protecting your vision at a high cost, until now.

Gamers Edge Eyewear are the most afordable gaming glasses out there, selling at $39.99   USD they bring gamers a cool option to protect their eyes while not spending a lot of money on it.

The presentation is pretty simple, a small box containing the glasses and a soft carry pouch.

No manuals or anything printed, but let’s face it we are here to game and not to read some silly papers that would end up in the trash can in less than a breath.

Still a small cleaning cloth would have been an awesome bonus, and i hope they start incluiding it soon, since from my point of view a dirty glass is worth nothing.

The build quality is pretty good, a really  light frame that is barely noticeable while wearing it, in a cool green color that makes you stand up in the crowd. So let’s take a closer look to the Gamers Edge.


But what are the real benefits of these glasses, let’s start saying that the yellow tint blocks the blue light that is responsable of straining your eyes, also reduces the screen glare improving the image contrast, and well it also increases your moxie level by +10, if you are a true competitor you will know that a “Pro Look” would make the other player to drop some confidence, it’s a psychological effect making him think you are better prepared. And who can’t deny that fact when you are wearing Gamers Edge Eyewear.

Now let’s see some of the comparison images with and without the glasses, the camera was set to manual and fixed Aperture/Shutter/ISO, White Balance also was turned off.



For my final veredict Gamers Edge Eyewear is a must buy, for a real low price it’s almost a steal, a real bang for the buck compared to the other glasses company. For the short time iv’e been using them i just can’t stop to think why it took me so long to get them.

More info and online store at



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