Razer Onza Trigger / Stick Fix

Publicado: 20 octubre, 2012 en Modding
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The day that my girlfriend got me a Razer Onza controller was like the best day ever, it was so sexy until it started to fail, then i was like WTF… Razer isn’t supposed to fail at two weeks from purchase, the left stick became less sensitive, followed by left trigger, so i turned for some good ol’ google search, turns out that it’s so common for it to break really soon, but my curse was that i live in Mexico, so no warranty for me, so i started the “Let’s fix this thing” quest.

Since i had this cool canister of silicon oil (used to clean potentiometers without damaging any plastic)  laying arround i cracked open the controller case, and sprayed a little bit of oil on the trigger and stick pots, the trick worked but only a few weeks, then i became sad… what other thing i could use to fix this great controller.

This was the point when i tried WD40, it’s like canned sweat from gods, it’s been more than 2 months without any simple fail, controller is working just as it was on the 1st day, if you have a Razer Onza laying arround just remove the rubber caps with a toothpick, then a phillips screwdriver for removing the screws.

Some WD40 on every potentiometer (orange little things inside the controller) there are 6 of em, 2 on each stick and 1 on each trigger.

You can soak them wet, then clean the excess with a paper towel, since WD40 it’s dielectric it won’t cause any harm to the electronics inside of it.

Hope this works as good as it did for me.


  1. Hex Crone dice:

    Gracias por la info me sirvio de mucho ya me estaba preocupando de como arreglarlo, pero ya está otra vez como nuevo. Saludos


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